THIS SITE IS UNFINISHED!!! you will likely run into incomplete pages or links that haven't been implemented yet. do not fuss. i'm trying my best. i love you :)

welcome to the skyzone

hi! :) my name is sky and i'm an artist and writer on the internet. my main interest when it comes to art is creepypasta and general macabre, or mundane horror. i'm also a fan of various cartoons and low-quality 2000-2010s media.

i'm the author of such creepypasta fanfictions as:

Cabin in the Woods (Clockwork)
Back @ Square One (BEN Drowned)
Mr. Hodek and His Litte Minion (Jeff the Killer)
Black and Blue (Eyeless Jack)

as well as the Walten Files/Mysterious House fic, November 1st.

most of these are very old (about 5 yrs average) and i'm very embarrassed of the quality of writing. regardless, all my public written work can be found on Wattpad, Quotev, and ArchiveOfOurOwn.

in the future i'll also be linking my major creepypasta video project here, but for now this is a blank space. expect more soon!

all dividers i use can be found at

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