Cabin in the Woods

A rework of my very first official creepypasta fanfiction of the same name. CITW is the first piece of the Catalyst universe and revolves around two girls, Alex and Natalie, as they reconcile the things that have gone wrong in their lives, their relationship to each other, and the danger that’s to come. The story’s timeline spans from 1987 to 1995. Keywords: trauma, self-discovery, supernatural powers, prom gone wrong, healthy doses of lesbianism.


CITW started because im a little gay fuck... :(
Alex and Natalie mean a lot to me as characters; to me, Natalie embodies a sort of female/queer rage that's indiscriminate and uninhibited, but that she's rarely faced the consequences of head-on. meanwhile Alex is a very bottled, untapped rage that takes a mental and physical toll. the kind that leaves you fatigued from all the continuous pressure of holding it in. they are both very unhealthy people, but in very different ways. of course the other side to this story is that they are really fucking gay and are barely restraining themselves from having sex w each other or whatever. i'll make it make sense. :)