Back @ Square One

the third installment of the Catalyst universe, farther removed from Elise and the Family: an advanced technological being, CAIN, and its latest mark, Avery, fall into an intense psychological struggle that must either end in Avery deactivating the aggressive program, or CAIN absorbing them into its growing consciousness forever. B@SO takes place in 2005, a full decade after the initial events of Catalyst. Keywords: hive mind, techie, mind control, manipulation, evolution, trans/nonbinary, memory.


i first began writing B@SO in 2018 as a BEN Drowned fanfiction. my goal was to incorporate the original ARG, specifically the moon children storyline, into a fic in a community that rarely focused on BEN's original story. ofc since i was a dumb little baby i knew little about the ARG myself beyond the surface level, but i wanted to make something a bit unconventional for the community's usual writing and i guess i succeeded.
B@SO was kind of a dissection of toxic teen love involving trans and nonbinary characters, an aspect of the story i still hold in my heart as really important. there were lots of themes of failed parenthood, mental health, body image & dysphoria, and immaturity. recently i've been wanting to revisit the story, though i still only have a very loose idea of where i want to take it this time, so i've begun giving the two/three? main characters slight rebuffs. just give em a little shine. if you've seen any of my old B@SO art you'll recognize these differences right away lol.