When We Live Forever


the highest fantasy i will ever write :)

When We Live Forever surrounds two friends on the loose, Miles and Louis, as they navigate different dimensions and evade the militaristic insect ship police force of the Aether. it involves lots of homosexuality, neurodivergence, emotional baggage and SHHHHH! secrets... im going to fix this paragraph later

WWLF is a project i have been working on for about 5 years now and is constantly going through new waves of ideas & revamps. to the left are the most up-to-date character sheets i've made, and IMO, the most refined everybody's designs have gotten so far. :) one of my goals with this story is to meaningfully & appropriately incorporate aspects from multiple worldly cultures into the worldbuilding, characters and plot, and though i'm a long way from reaching that goal right now i'm determined to get it right and make smth truly beautiful. hopefully some of my inspiration shines through the designs for characters like Ethos, Logos and Pavlova.

the characters' profiles are now visible via clicking their image!!! :)

skyesu's WWLF workshop!!!

Right is a (long) 1-page comic I made for an assignment, briefly summarizing Miles's arc! Condensing his story into exactly 1 (long) page was really challenging and even more challenging was making it make any sense to anyone but me. But it worked, somehow, and now we have gays! :3

Above: Early in new!Miles's development, I started thinking of him as just a manic pixie dream boy whose #1 job was to enchant and confuse (mostly confuse) Louis. His highly whimsical energy entranced me. So I made these doodles of him, trying out different gendered Hmong clothing for him, and ended up settling on an outfit reminiscent of the one on the left (masculine). I tried to incorporate the star and soul symbols from that one into his later character sheet.

I associate his fashion with that of the Green and Black Hmong groups of SEAsia. (example pictures below, courtesy of hmongembroidery.org and theartofhmongembroidery blog) Alex Yang's art of Hmong clothing and the respective groups they belong to also helped me out a lot!!!