Let's Camp


the plot

Seven young adults, all with their own plans for life outside Newark NJ, are suddenly hit with a chemical apocalypse that's turned the region into a zombie-infested quarantine tank. Thinking on their feet, they decide to flee to the woods in hopes of somehow escaping, but find that the outside world isn't the only thing holding them back--old frenemies, new turf rivals, heightened tensions amongst the group as well as their own deeply embedded personal problems threaten to tear them apart before any zombies or wilderness threat will.
Let's Camp! is a queer apocalypse story with lots of laughs, cries, fears, friends and fun as a group of unique goobers try to navigate this awful new world and reevaluate their old relationships.

⬅️ a first draft chapter i posted on DA :) gives you a workable taste of these guys' personalities...