Black and Blue

The fourth and final installment of the Catalyst universe wherein we try to cover the last remaining pillar of magical realism in this whole deal: old gods and people who fuck haphazardly with them :) Sawyer, an uptight pediatrician, and Jack, undead servant to the Dark God, form an uneasy alliance to keep both of their butts alive (or undead) while facing an uncomfortable growing truth that something about both of their lives is bound to change now that they’ve met. And you know there’s some really freaky demon business and child endangerment that goes on as well. Keywords: hospital, medical setting, demons, black magic, transgender, cannibalism, the most bisexual m/f couple you’ve ever seen


BnB is a project i'm trying to bring back to its roots as a collection of just hospital aesthetics and spooky night time pictures playing in my brain on a revolving baby mobile. Slash J i will make it into an actual story as you can see from the everything on this page, however my first rendition of Black & Blue that i published as a full story (my longest yet 0///0) strayed from the original vision i was granted by divine intervention, where Sawyer is already a working doctor and encounters Jack in a hospital wing at night. The first published BnB, like many of my stories I've revamped, feels now like a more juvenile version of that idea. I was also a baby and didn't know how adult things worked but what can you do, god forbid i soil my integrity as a wattpad creepypasta author ::crying emoji::

this was my first go at drawing saw and jack in a while, and the looks i gave them here just kinda stuck...i may add more detail and variety into their designs later but i'm really a fan of the general bases i just blarted out first try. peach turtleneck saw + grim reaper hood jack my BELOVEDS!!